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Machado USA - Rigan Machado 

Machado Jiu-jitsu Las Vegas - Mica Cipili 

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Spokane - Team Bartinho

Black Belt Instructor - Bart Smith 

Black Belt - Derek Cleveland

Brown Belt - Brent Foster 

 Purple Belt - 3 Stripes - Vaughn Eaglebear 

Purple Belt - 2 Stripes - Mick Alicic, Julio Diaz 

Purple Belt - 1 Stripe - Jon Burtard, Kevin Steel

Purple Belt - John Messenger, Mark Dornford, Brian Wilson, Kevin Martin 


 Blue Belt - 4 Stripes - JT McHan 

Blue Belt - 3 Stripes - Aaron Kuckovic, Brian Williams, Chris Wirts, Jeff Walther 

Blue Belt - 2 Stripes - James Kim, Ira Timentwa, Ryan Browne, Clayton Varick, Kevin Vaughn 

Blue Belt - 1 Stripe - Brian Lynds, Nathan Gelinas, Joey Becker, Elijah Knippling, Keith Hanson, Kasey Eslick, Brian Kreuch, Dennis Platz 

Blue Belt - Josh Suarez, Gibby Mawyer, Don Buckley, Mike Bockelie, James McDonnell, Keith Hanson 

   Green Belt - Andrew Kissinger, Tyler Rugg

 Orange Belt - 4 stripes - Kyle Kreuch 

Orange Belt - 2 stripes - Nathan Smith, Kelly Sandall 

Orange Belt - 1 stripe - Christian Nibarger, Ronin Lopez, Brandon Goe 

Orange Belt -


Yellow Belt - 4 Stripes - 

Yellow Belt - 3 Stripes - 

Yellow Belt - 2 Stripes - Avery Smith 

Yellow Belt - 1 Stripe - Alexx Riediger, Trenton Amesbury, Marissa Smith

Yellow Belt - Brett Kingman 




MMA Competition Team 

Our MMA team includes amateur and professional fighters who compete every month throughout WA and the entire U.S. in events that have included Spokane Showdown, Ultimate Cage Fights, Fight Force, SportFight, Conquest of the Cage, Ultimate Combat Experience, and more. If you're into the thrill of mixed martial arts and want to test your skills at something other than normal competitions such as chess or casino.com (http://www.casino.com/) games, then feel free to get in touch. To try out for our MMA team or book our fighters for MMA events contact us at 509-217-3138, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Spokane has the number one martial arts program in the Inland Northwest, the only Spokane academy offering authentic Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, the most effective fighting systems in the world. We have classes for children, teens and adults, including submission grappling and fight teams that compete every month. Come in today for a free class, become part of a winning team. Compete in Jiu-jitsu Championships and Mixed Martial Art events throughout Washington and the Northwest. Whether its for fun and fitness, competition or self defense, this is the place! Come join us today!

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